Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We made it to 2010!

Well we made it through to another year at Quilting Weekly!  And if you are reading this you made it too!

Quilting Weekly started it's as a dream.  A dream I had of opening my own business.  I was plagued by thoughts of how I could turn my passion into a business.  I loved to quilt, and even more I found out I loved to teach quilting.

Opening a store was my first thought, but then I needed to deal with inventory, and a whole lot of other expenses that I wasn't prepared to deal with.  I was not in a position to take such a financial risk.  Especially when all I wanted to do was teach.  Selling fabric, and all the goodies that are needed to make quilts would have been fun to have around me, but I really had no idea how to manage that end of the business.  But to open a classroom by it's self was unheard of.  Quilt shops have always offered classes to their customers, but who ever heard of a classroom only?  Besides where would my students get supplies if they need them? But live classes still had their problems.  What was the best day or time to offer a class that would guarantee attendance? What project would guarantee interest in the class?  No matter what class/technique I taught there was the same amount of effort in preparation and never a guarantee that the class would run.  Planning months in advance, sewing samples, writing up lesson plans to find out there was only 1 student signed up? Sound familiar?

And that was when it hit me, why  not open an online classroom!  After all there was no rent to pay, and no inventory to worry about, only lessons to teach and students to find. The perfect day and time would be determined by the student as classes could be done 24/7 and I could create lessons and continue to sell them over and over again.  My first class was released in June of 2007.  Quilted Jar Bookcase Quilt  

Which is still selling today.  I have learned a lot since this first class opened.  And over the past couple of years our site has changed too.  We have redesigned the site, added teachers, created new classes and will continue to grow and change as needed to meet the needs of our customers.

I have some wonderful teachers who will be created fantastic new projects for you in the coming months.  There are a couple of new teachers, and some of the past teachers who are created projects.  New class ideas like landscape quilts, double wedding ring quilts and even some more advance art quilting techniques just for starters.  So stay tuned to see how 2010 unfolds. 

Before I go, I want to ask you 2 questions and hope that you will take a moment to answer me in the comments.

  1. What type of class or technique would you like to see Quilting Weekly offer this year?
  2. What teachers would you like us bring in this year? (if you teach and want to find out more about the benefits of teaching for us please contact me through email (which can be found under my profile)

Thank you for your input, and I look forward to another great year teaching you to quilt!

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