Saturday, April 3, 2010

Color Theory Simplified

I recently found this great post which helps quilters understand color. This has been something I personally don't struggle with, but find that many of my members do. I know I have written my own version of this several times in several of my online classes, and even may have done a post or two on my blogs about it as well.

When I find a good resource, I just feel it is important to share. Even if I have discussed this topic before. This is one of those times. Color can make or break a quilt design, and is an area that you just have to understand in order to be successful in your quilts. (Or in any art form)

So with out any further adieu, Check out this post Color Theory for Quilters - Color Theory Simplified which was written by Judy Bellingham for Bella Online. It is very well written and yes it has great pictures too!

For more useful quilting knowledge written by Judy, check out her other articles here.

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