Saturday, April 3, 2010

Create your own fabric color palette from a photo

What if I told you I could create my own fabric color palette right from my photographs? How cool would that be if it were not only possible, but simple to do? As you can see, it is not only simple it is possible. Read on my art quilting friends as I have found the perfect site to help you.

If you are an art quilter, you probably have explored the idea of making picture quilts. One of the biggest challenges I find with making a picture quilt is choosing the right shades of fabric. If this is a challenge for you too, then I have found the perfect solution! And better than that, it is a free solution! (note: you do need to register for the site to take advantage of this and other options found on their site. It is free to join, so not to worry)

This wonderful computer generated solution was found on a website called Big Huge Labs they have created a Color Palette Generator which pulls out all the colors in your photograph and then creates images of fabric swatches which can be taken with you for fabric shopping.

How's that for a simple solution? 

By the way, Big Huge Labs has other cool things to do with digital photos on their site, so be sure to have a look around while you are there.  

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