Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What makes you subscribe to a blog?

Why I started this blog
I started this blog, as a way to reach out to more quilters in the world. I have a strong desire, and I feel truly passionate about quilting, and teaching quilting. And I want to reach as many quilters as possible so that I can share my knowledge with them.

In discovering my passion, I joined forces with two lovely people who happen to reside in Australia I however live in the USA, to create our online classroom website. So of course you will see references to my website all over this page. It only makes sense to self promote while I am here.
Not required to do anything at all!
As a subscriber to my blog, you are not required to click any of the links that lead you to my classroom website. I won't even know if you did or not. You can stay and read all the other little bits of information that I provide here absolutely free! No requirements to ever visit there. Ok enough with the self promoting, I don't want to loose you just yet!

Please tell me why?
As a blogger, my only real goal is to gain readers. As a new blogger, I am unsure of how to gain your trust enough that you will subscribe. So indulge me here and comment on this post and let me know a few things.
    What makes you subscribe to a blog?
    Do you use a feed reader, or just bookmarking of a site?
    What are your favorite blogs and why?

I would love to know. All those who reply to this post will be put into a drawing for for a free fat quarter. For every 5 responses I will draw one name! So you have a 1-5 chance of winning!

I must limit this to responses from today (02-12-08 through 02-29-08)

One response per person, and only one fat quarter will be sent per address.

Winners will be contacted by e-mail (so please provide one in your response)I will not sell or misuse your e-mail or personal address in any way, I can assure you of that.

Winners will be posted (03-01-08)

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