Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Quilt is finished!

I have been so busy lately with the baby quilt that I feel I have been neglecting my blog.

The baby quilt is finally done, and in the hands of the new mommy! She got her surprise shower last night and boy was she ever surprised! An entire dance studio with loads of moms, teachers,and students of all ages, and no one spilled the beans! It was awesome to see her expression when she came in. She thought she was coming in to teach class one last time, instead she walked into a room full of smiling faces of students and parents.

When she opened the quilt she was moved to tears! She absolutely loved it. What a relief. I was so stressed out the past week rushing to finish it for her. As I mentioned before I thought I had much more time on this since her due date was not till September. But her doctor thinks it will be here much sooner. (Guess the date was off) So they rushed to get her a shower before it was too late. That meant I had less than a week to finish quilting and binding. Whew! I made it with a couple of days to spare.

Pictures you say? Well I have plenty to share. I just need to resize them. So later today or tomorrow I can upload them I hope.

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