Friday, January 29, 2010

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern
by Kathy Hansen of Quilting Weekly 

Our first addition of 2010 teacher Kathy Hansen, has just put the finishing touches on her first class for Quilting Weekly.  We are so excited to be able to finally announce her class!
Double Wedding Ring Quilts are so romantic and are quilts of great comfort and joy.  Many of us can relate personally to these quilts as they are quilts we grew up with which were made by our mothers or grandmothers.  Who knows you might have even received one on your wedding day!

Either way, these are time honored traditional quilts that become family heirlooms.  Isn't it about time you learn how to make one of you own to pass onto your children?

Many of the more adventurous quilters might choose to make this pattern using pieced rings, (which is traditionally how it is made) but as you can see in this photo, Kathy works with solid rings making this the perfect Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern to start with.

This pattern will release the first week of February, so if you are not a member at Quilting Weekly you will not be able to purchase this class or get notice of when registrations will start.  I suggest you fill in the form at the top of the page so that you don't miss out on this or any of our other new classes/patterns/and workshops.

Update:     The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern released today, February 3, 2010. Registration has started! Be sure to pick up your copy.

New Teachers Pages Have Been Added as well.
I just wanted to let you know we have added 3 new teachers pages to the site, so that you can get to know more about them before their classes or workshops open up.

Take a Look  see Who's New!
Don't forget to read about our other lovely teachers while you are there.  And you might want to check out the forum and join our February UFO Challenge.  You could win a free class, maybe even the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern if you are really lucky!


Sandra said...

Wow this looks great!
it is amazing what great effects one can create and it shows me how much i still have to learn...

Chris Dahl said...

thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. So does that mean you might be taking our class?

If you ever have questions, I am here to help.

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