Monday, February 8, 2010

Quilting Survey - What do you want to learn?

I thought it might be fun (and good for me to know) to know about what you like to do with your quilting. This can be useful in helping me create classes around what you want to learn.  It will also be fun to see what the most popular answers are or what common areas people struggle in when it comes to quilting.  So won't you take a moment and answer a few short questions for me?

  1. Do you prefer traditional pieced quilt patterns? 
  2. Or do you prefer more mixed media like free form art quilts?
  3. Do you like to hand quilt or machine quilt?
  4. What area of quilting do you find to be the most difficult?
  5. What is the most common size quilt you make?
  6. Is your preference to make flat quilts (bed, lap wall or table quilts) or do you prefer to make quilted clothing or totes/purses?
  7. Do you have a favorite pattern you love to make? or Want to learn to make?
Go ahead take a minute and answer my lucky 7 questions, by leaving me a comment.  I would like to understand my readers better, so that I can serve you better.  Both here on this blog and in my classroom at Quilting Weekly.

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