Monday, April 5, 2010

Referrals are Quilting Weekly's compliments

In any business online or otherwise, referrals are just like getting compliments. Quilting Weekly is no exception. When you share our sites with your quilting buddies, we feel very honored. That is like getting one of the best compliments we could ever get. The fact that you feel we are worthy of telling your friends about says a lot about what we are doing.

So if you think that our blog, or our website is worthy of sharing let me know, and I will reward you and your friends with a special gift!. I know that sounds like I am paying you for a compliment but in reality I am just showing you my gratitude and appreciation for your efforts.

All you need to do is post about us on your blogs and include the links, then come back here and leave me a comment so I can contact you. I will then send you your very own special discount coupon good for 50% off your first purchase of any of our online classes. If you have friends who join the site because of your post, tell them they too need to visit here and leave me a comment; include where they heard about us, and I will send them a coupon as well.

I really do value you.........and want to show my appreciation for what you are doing to help get the word out about my sites.

  1. Post about Quilting Weekly (our online classroom) or Quilting Weekly Blog (here) here is the url for these sites to make this easier. Simply copy and paste these addresses in your blog posts (classroom) (for this blog) You could also just copy and paste the code for the banner ad located at the top right side of this page. This will put a permanent graphic on your site, which you can leave up That would really be a compliment and worth a free class coupon.
  2. Include links back to one or both sites
  3. Leave me a comment with your contact info (website if it contains your email info) or (click on my profile here to obtain my email address and send me an email) If you choose to use email to contact me, please include "referral" in the comments.
Thank you for your compliments and referrals..........and for helping me with my vision of teaching the world to quilt!


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